Welcome to The Ladder Line.

It's mostly a blog where I share things about amateur radio and occasionally other things. I haven't written anything here for a while but the following articles still get significant hits.

An Arduino based DDS-60 controller

QRP 40 meter CW transceiver

Ross  KT1F

Migrated to Drupal 8

I have migrated this site from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8. I'm not much of a themer so, as you can see, the theme is just Bartik with a slightly custom header. Yes, I know the colors are not quite around the ladder line at the top but it's all I can do for now :)

For anyone interested, I followed these instructions. It went smoothly except for a small issue related to comments.

Drupal | Multiple authors for an article and Views with one to many relationships. Part two

In Part one I described the challenge of creating a view which displays a list of Articles (nodes) which have a multi-value reference field pointing to one or more Writers / Authors (users). We want each article to be listed only once regardless of how many writers it has and we want several fields from the related writers displayed below the article title etc.

Drupal | Multiple authors for an article and Views with one to many relationships. Part one

I know this is supposed to be a ham radio blog but I'm going to switch channels to Drupal for a moment.

I'd like to share my solution to a problem which I've encountered several times. Specifically, it is how to have more than one author for an article and display a list of articles using Views which shows the authors for each article in a natural way. More generally its a technique to merge the output of two views into one where there is a one to many or parent to child type relationship.

Antenna changes. We are now grounded!

The doublet antenna with ladder line as described here has been working well but I always felt a little uncomfortable because I knew that there was a problem which I hadn't faced up to. It was kind of cool to have the ladder line coming into the attic where I had a balun and automatic tuner and then coax to the shack in the basement but it had no lightning protection and no practical way of protecting it. So... I have made some changes.